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This part of the Membrane is meant to be an experiment in A BEST OF ALBUM… a collection of my favorite songs… put together as kind-of a songbook. A gift to you. I hope there is enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment or something like that.

The Best Of Daniel MP3 Album (mirror on mother)

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    • Jump Up And Down
      LYRICS Get up Jump up and down Get up Jump up and down Look around Shake it up Rattle and roll Shake, rattle and roll Join in the dance While we’ve still got the chance Got up Jumped up and down Got up Jumped up and down We found ABOUT THE SONG Style: Protest Folk […]
    • America First Blues
      INSTRUMENTAL ABOUT THE SONG Style: Protest Folk Rock Chords: E A B7 Recording: digital 1-track stereo Guitar Band together and join THE RESISTANCE
    • Procreate
      LYRICS See through the light Past the space From the right slight Run the human race You know On your mark, get set, go! Humanity’s gone Not a trace Human’s swansong Will the race go on? (So long) See the forest Through the trees Do what is best For birds and bees Do unto others […]
    • Grand Union, Jack
      LYRICS Everybody bleeds in red Everybody ends up dead Nobody’s born a dread Now it’s time to use our head Now it’s time to lift our head Thirteen stars on a field of blue What on earth has become of you Red blood spilled upon the white All in the name of what is right […]
    • Agent Orange
      INSTRUMENTAL Agent Orange.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Style: Progressive Rock Recording: live digital 1-track stereo Keyboards and Synthesizers Band together and join THE RESISTANCE
    • Plausible Deniability
      LYRICS So, what did he know When did he know it $hit With honey catch the fly Stuck in his own lie So, can’t say “didn’t know” When yo knew he did it $hit Like Nixon’s Watergate Cast your own fate With honey catch the fly Stuck in his own lie No popular vote Now […]
    • Flimflam
      INSTRUMENTAL Flimflam Part 1.mp3 Flimflam Part 2.mp3 Flimflam Interlude.mp3 Flimflam Part 3.mp3 LYRICS Ah, damn! In a jam Flimflam Trying to tie The all time lie Why even try Your life of glam Is just a sham Flimflam Hot damn! Body slam Flimflam Wanting to die Big fat lie Say goodbye Bye-bye Pig slaughter ham […]
    • Apeman
      Coversong originally made famous by the Kinks Written by Ray Davies A A | / / / / | / / / / | I think I'm so - phisticated, A E Esus4 E 'Cause I'm living my life like a good homo sapien, A But all around me everybody's multiplying, E Esus4 E And […]
    • Jericho
      LYRICS There is a feeling in the air I’ve become aware Where there’s a will there’s a way Transform our day In the ground, the bass sound Can be found. It’s going down Feel the beat till you’re complete On your feet out in the street The pitter-patter of the water The cadence of the […]
    • Within Reach
      LYRICS Never say never We can get together Loving one another Beats beating each other Don’t overthink Before you blink Let love pour from every pore You know… let the love flow Please I beseech Reach out… please reach Let your light teach Have some free speech Always forever Hand-up for sister Now and whenever […]