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This part of the Membrane is meant to be an experiment in A BEST OF ALBUM… a collection of my favorite songs… put together as kind-of a songbook. A gift to you. I hope there is enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment or something like that.

The Best Of Daniel MP3 Album (mirror on mother)

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    • Float Your Boat
      LYRICS Do you know what I mean When I sing “floating down stream”? Behave with the energy wave … to the sea Try to keep your head above water Don’t ever go down for the third time It really does matter Living the nursery rhyme Floating down stream My body a boat in the dream […]
    • Redemption
      LYRICS Mother Nature says It’s only a phase The nuclear age The good ole days Have parted ways Mother Nature says It’s only a phase Only a stage Postmodern rage Comin’ clean on the war machine Funded by our ghetto scenes The American dream going up in steam From growing a heart that’s mean Redeem! […]
    • More, More, More
      LYRICS Man, how much human Can we endure How much more? Fouled land, air and sea Haven’t we All ’bout me (Imagine that) Habitat sure got hot It’s not the heat… nor humidity It is humanity … or lack thereof It’s all about the love You see — humanity … or lack thereof Purveyors of […]
    • Only Time
      LYIRCS (tickin’, tickin’, tickin’) It’s only time Slipping, slipping, slipping It’s only time … not really mine Dripping, dripping, dripping There is no gripping Slipping through butter fingers A moment briefly lingers Then, it’s gone… so long Luckily for me It’s only time Any time is fine time Define time? Anytime is fine time The […]
    • On Track
      LYRICS On the track And there is no turning back On the track Lightening from the smokestack Oh, let go! Let’s go On the track And the train is bearing down On the track Hit us like a rodeo clown On the track Time we all took this train back On the track Here we […]
    • Wait For Me!
      MP4, LYRICS Wait for me! Can’t you see… My stride is tiny Don’t want to sound whiny Oh, please wait for me Pleeeeeease… Don’t want to seize Pleeeeease… Don’t want to cease Wait for me! If it’s free… A ride to destiny Sure wanna be in the Promised City Oh, please… wait for me! Wait […]
    • Below The Belt
      LYRICS Please relieve what I believe Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours Politicians in positions Cutting deals behind closed doors Above the law Below the belt Makes my face melt Leaving me in awe (Shock and all. Shock and awe… above the law) “Ahh, poor baby. Join the pity party.” Republican “can but won’t” […]
    • Fight!
      LYRICS The warriors putting on their armor “So, humor in war” The soldiers securing armor “So no humor any more… In any war” In light we fight with all our might As we fight right to slight what might Holding dear to fear as black as night The sword of justice adjusts us down to […]
    • A Beatless Sense Monger
      LYRICS I wish I knew this when I was younger I wish I knew this a little longer There’s nothing wrong with being a beatless sense monger A little bit of loving makes you a lot stronger Give a little bit and love to live Alas, I wish I would have grasp this on the […]
    • Tistical
      LYRICS Tistical was a statistical was Too late to have been a “has been” Born being with the being leaving Tistical… not really a free radical After all Eeeeee! Go, Tistical! After what id did you should have hid But no! Super ego left the building You know? Look at your feet stuck in conceit […]