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This part of the Membrane is meant to be an experiment in A BEST OF ALBUM… a collection of my favorite songs… put together as kind-of a songbook. A gift to you. I hope there is enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment or something like that.

The Best Of Daniel MP3 Album (mirror on mother)

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    • 1st World World
      LYRICS Herald the 1st world world Where equity’s one and the same Leveled with logic of sane And the yield… a level playing field Can’t conceal how I feel When everyone’s treated as real Imagine when all wars cease Giving all a piece of peace And as much as an angelic touch The choir in […]
    • A Bizarre Bazaar
      A Bizarre Bazaar.mp3 LYRICS What about your peculiar Find a stranger strange When normal, you rearrange Do you know who you are? You don’t have to search far Frequent a bizarre bazaar Find it a little unusual Oh, my God! It’s so odd Too askew for you Think it’s all abnormal? You don’t have to […]
    • Lingualess
      An instrumental album by A Bizarre Bazaar A Bizarre Bazaar Instrumental.mp3 E7 E7sus4 / A7 A7(13) B7; Lyrics and Additional Downloads Shuffle Step Prelude.mp3 Shuffle Step Interlude.mp3 Shuffle Step Postlude.mp3 Shuffle Step.mp3 C Bdim CM7; 137 BPM Rock Shuffle and Dub Step
    • Anti-lingual
      LYRICS I find it hard to tell who I’m talking to Is it me or is it you? From two sides of your mouth on two faces I’m trying to fill in the blank spaces Magician politician of true How queer making it disappear Oh, no! CEO of the zoo Can you say ass for […]
    • The Pendulum
      LYRICS Watching the pendulum swing Perpetual dumb on the wing You can try and try Piling lie upon lie But you can’t make the truth die The nation gasps a collective sigh Dumbfounded… why, why, why? The scales of justice must balance At heaven’s gate there’s no second chance Watching the pendulum swing It’s time […]
    • Hearts Attack
      Hearts Attack.mp3 LYRICS Before it was too late The hearts heard of the hate Arm me with an army Heart attacks Plug the holes where love lacks Hearts attack The humanity comeback Before it was too late The hearts heard of our fate A leg up… arm me Heart attacks Quadruple bypass where love lacks […]
    • Picture This
      LYRICS Spend your life hanging on a wall Wondering if anyone is looking at all Canvasing the canvas with finesse A pallet of colors for a dress Picture this A perfect world… nothing amiss Picture this Spotlight above gives a light kiss Do you know Rembrandt or Picasso Have you had a brush with fame […]
    • Hear Through
      LYRICS Ear true Hear through The ether Clean the wounds form salts Rub them in a waltz Fixer elixir of the soul Fill with rock and roll Dance can reign you clean Polished with music for the sheen Just for you Ear true Hear through The ether Endless tether GO on for ever and ever […]
    • Our Rush Hour
      LYRICS Our rush hour Voltage thread Display of power ’til but one dead Understanding Last man standing Meaning we’re all going to die Procreate alone? No, not I No matter how hard I try Our race to end our race Congratulation! First place [We’ve got a winner… want a cigar or mug of beer? I […]
    • The World In Flux
      LYRICS In case you are mixed up The world is a flux It keeps on changing If times are the same Why the different name All the rearranging Et tu, Brutus? In the back of all of us Shaking my head in disgust … kicking up dust What will it take Not to make the […]