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    • Joke Bomb
      LYRICS If we want the human race To endure for sure Why not get ’em to laugh … and, get ’em to laugh some more Laughter our weapon on terror Laughter the best deterrent to war Laughter will trump the fear Laughter shields those we hold dear Laughter is what we’re after Bring on the […]
    • Throw Your Clay
      LYRICS Greener pasture in store Blue sky horizon (eyes on) high Find a better way for me to throw this clay Nestle a better vessel Soul stored for the day Impurity succumbs to the gravity Form to the shape of a hairless ape Dot the “I’s” and lace with grace Occupy space with a brave […]
    • Fall All Over You (Autumn Equinox)
      LYRICS When the Autumn comes I fall all over you There’s not much I can do It’s the season to fall for you Become aware there’s something in the air Make a memory to share You know we’ve got to let the summer go Before you know — snow (Yeah, here/hear we go) Open up […]
    • The Center Of Justice
      LYRICS Building a building Meant to tear people down Name’s misleading There ain’t no justice in this town All but lost and forgotten To the core they are rotten Take some time And dare to look around Reason… rhyme? Ask but can’t be found Lady liberty Well, she just can’t see She blindly Weighs just […]
    • Headfirst
      LYRICS In an attempt to quench my thirst I dove in… headfirst If you’re going to “go off the deep end” You’d better go off the deep end For if you go shallow You will come to know Your head is hollow If shallow is your puddle And through your life you muddle Remember: “Mud […]
    • Your Lips Move… But….
      Hyper-terrestrial presents “Your Lips Move But (I Can’t Hear What You’re Saying)” Instrumental music: Korg PS60 Keyboard, Yamaha PSR-740 Keyboard, MiniNova Synthesizer, Piano and Guitars. 3rd-Eye-In-Sight.mp3 Chords: D6 A7 C A7 / Em C A7 Again With Feeling Prelude.mp3 Again With Feeling.mp3 Dm F / F Em Dm; 67 BPM 8 Beat #3 Suspended Sentence […]
    • 3rd Eye In Sight
      LYRICS See along the seaside From where I reside High above the landslide Watching the rising tide When I let the 3rd-eye see A calm comes over me Naturally, fell the be Rise with the sunrise Searching for surprise High from enterprise No matter the number of tries Along with Venus and Mars Pass between […]
    • Epistemology (The Thrill of Discovery)
      LYRICS In the quest to survive the test Do you really think it’s best To forget the rest? All the world is a stage Of knowledge The more you yearn to learn the more you earn Your wealth’s in mental health The more you go the more you know On with the show The more […]
    • Moving Target
      LYRICS Difficult to get Hitting a moving target Never will forget Hitting a moving target Tact in the track Squeeze the trigger back Focusing on “I” With ease score the bull’s eye Better hedge your bet Hitting a moving target Destiny? We’ve met Hitting a moving target Trying not to fret Hitting a moving target […]
    • Tomcat Bob and the West Chester Pops
      Tomcat Bob and the West Chester Pops Music Video.mp4 by Daniel Brouse and Matt Eck Graham Smith and Tomcat Bob Live.mp4 by Graham Smith with Matt Eck on banjo Written at the corners of Market and High Streets plus Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA. From the album Gay Church