Best of 2016 MP3’s


  1. Please, Turn Up The Love!
  2. Ode To MMXVI
  3. Sky Blue, Too
  4. C Thru You
  5. Inrides
  6. Ant Onym
  7. Laser Beam Clean
  8. Matters Of The Heart
  9. Lips And Hips
  10. Dose Of Cosmos
  11. Roiling
  12. Interplanetary Travel
  13. Going To Get Her
  14. Dream Of Love
  15. The Empire
  16. Reaper’s Scythe
  17. Lost In That
  18. James Bond (007)
  19. On The Road To Styx
  20. Pass Through Glass
  21. Savage Ravage
  22. Gay Church
  23. Into A Lifetime
  24. Going Under
  25. Coming To Life
  26. Turning Tables
  27. I’d Love to Change The World (Ten Years After Cover)
  28. Shine Your Love
  29. Peoplesmith
  30. I Believe in Father Christmas
  31. The War You Wage
  32. Internal Affair
  33. Indian Giver
  34. Megalomania Hysteria
  35. A Fancy To Nancy
  36. Bounce
  37. Chill Out (Global Warming)
  38. Mindless Militant Madness
  39. Hypocrisy Of Bureaucracy
  40. Ominous Upon Us
  41. Get Out Of There
  42. Rainbow
  43. Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones Cover)
  44. Might Right?
  45. Synapse Zap
  46. Christmas White
  47. Out Of Thin Air
  48. Tainted Justice
  49. Lucky Man (ELP Cover)
  50. Friggin’ Crazy
  51. Dance Reflex (Jump For Joy)
  52. Remember Love
  53. Pre-launch
  54. On the Verge of Christmas
  55. Nice
  56. Destination Unknown
  57. Feedback Loop
  58. Was Was Is
  59. Post Apocalyptic
  60. Try the Vibration on High
  61. Industrial Strength Noise Pollution
  62. Climate Change Refugee
  63. Friend Or Foe?
  64. Go Get
  65. In My Eyes
  66. Annihilator
  67. Getting Heavy
  68. Dreamt
  69. Nonsensical
  70. Day By Day
  71. Louie Louie (Kingsmen Cover)
  72. Balderdash!
  73. Get Our Dance On
  74. One Guess
  75. Hitting The Bricks
  76. On The Air
  77. Bounty
  78. tRumped
  79. Taking Flight
  80. Valentine Dancer
  81. The Labyrinth MMXVI
  82. Opaque Couche
  83. A Given
  84. Green Eyed
  85. Why Love Dies
  86. Dismissed
  87. Gonna Go Far (Country 12-Bar)
  88. Turn The Page (Bob Seger Cover)
  89. Soul-utions
  90. Filling
  91. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh Cover)
  92. Mating Call
  93. Jumping Trains
  94. The Moves
  95. The Price Of Admission
  96. Flying Through The Roof
  97. Gone, Gone, Gone
  98. The Secret To Life
  99. Three Wishes
  100. Gremlins
  101. Get Higher
  102. Hit The Ground Running
  103. Blip In Time
  104. Woozy
  105. Closer To Nearer
  106. Into The Shine
  107. Turn Your Head
  108. Meteoright
  109. Count The Rings
  110. Inanimate Objects
  111. Rescind (Re-sinned)
  112. My Lucky Day
  113. Tangerine Daydream
  114. Coming From
  115. Serrated
  116. Be Be
  117. Let Love Rule (Lenny Kravitz Cover)
  118. White Light
  119. Easy Livin’ (Uriah Heep Cover)
  120. Retrograde Grade
  121. Pink Shoes and Bad Tattoos
  122. Saturn’s Rings
  123. Fashion (David Bowie Cover)
  124. About Time
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    • Maria
      LYRICS Lookin’ for Maria Need a panacea I’m too frail She’ll fix my ail She’ll set me free From what’s troublin’ me Maria, Maria ideal idea Searchin’ for Maria Need an idea Someone kind To ease my mind The beat at putting it to rest Maria, Maria ideal idea Depend on Maria Made in America […]
    • Sheepish
      LYRICS I met a sheep Didn’t make a peep How to make sure she wasn’t asleep Don’t know ’bout you… didn’t know what to do The she was a he Damn! Ewe with horns? Must be a ram Have you ever said to yourself “Wonder who I am?” Did you ever doubt self-wealth “Wonder what […]
    • Trial By Living (Your Goat)
      LYRICS If at first you don’t succeed Then try and try again Won’t be long to begin to see How everyone will win Now, don’t let some ‘ole remote Go and get your goat Keep discipline from turning rote Let your heart and soul vote Keep your feelings alive The more and more you strive […]
    • Good Intentions
      LYRICS A karmic lesson in good intention A cosmic lesson in good intention A deja vu do-si-do A round-trip ticket to get in The Know Here we go! Being self-aware? We’re already passed there We’re talking sixth sense Shared consciousness Here we go… get in The Know Transcending physics With the power that’s music’s Involuntary […]
    • Art Class
      LYRICS With the stroke of a brush, you paint a picture Of an image in your mind’s eye that is pure With the stroke of a brush, you paint a picture By a steady hand… true and sure With the stroke of charcoal you sketch a picture Of a picture in you mind’s eye that […]
    • Extemporaneous Experiment
      LYRICS A snake charming hippie with his hair cut long Tried to claim he knew the song Couldn’t really help being wrong ’cause I make them up as I go along All of us in an extemporaneous Experiment I think he got what I meant A voodoo princess said she can’t miss this As we […]
    • The Man
      LYRICS Watching civilization turn to was The Man want to live free Without the right of responsibility Not own-up to his society Waiting for all to fall… inevitably The Man rides off into battle Leaving a bride in need of a rattle It’s hard to ride high in the saddle Knowing no one ever wins […]
    • Childhood Dreams
      LYRICS Your teddy bear Is coming apart at the seams More than I can bear Watching you unravel at the seems See what childhood dreams mean When you are the queen of the scene See what childhood dreams mean When you get to know the star of the show Let’s make those dreams come true […]
    • Days
      LYRICS Lord, they say my days are numbered Though I love each and every as my own I must admit some are more preferred From my heart and to the bone: Thank you for spending a beautiful day Wouldn’t rather have spent it any other way On the days I have to walk this Earth […]
    • Sign Language
      Stormy.mp3 Capo 2 (F#) E B A E / Am E Rainstorm.mp3 Thunderstorm.mp3 Festival Pier.mp3 Em / G A Em / Em G A / A G Em Extemporaneous Experiment.mp3 Em G F# Em / A Em Extemporaneous Experiment (Music Video).mp4 Good Intentions.mp3 E A B7 / G A E / A G A G […]