Beat Of 2017 (Complete MP3s)


  1. Jump Up!
  2. L. O. V. E.
  3. Ours Soars With Angels
  4. Pick-me-up
  5. For Joy
  6. Silent Running
  7. This Is Love (Words From a Wedding)
  8. Hate To Fade Away
  9. Double Fisted
  10. Watching The Past Go Past
  11. Mother Said
  12. Buttercup
  13. In A Mind
  14. Sunday
  15. Strong Footing
  16. Baby Jesus (in Santa’s Clothing)
  17. Along For The Ride
  18. Soul-you-tion
  19. Hearts Attack
  20. Another Brick In The Wall I II III (Pink Floyd Cover)
  21. A Beatless Sense Monger
  22. Deep Love
  23. The Pendulum
  24. Eyeing
  25. Pedestrians With Headphones
  26. A Bizarre Bazaar
  27. Which Witch Hunt?
  28. St. James Infirmary (Coversong)
  29. Volatile
  30. Festival Pier
  31. Extemporaneous Experiment
  32. Hot
  33. Rocker!
  34. Yer Blues (Beatles Cover)
  35. Permit Permitted
  36. I Have To Go
  37. Going Up
  38. Melting Snowflakes
  39. All American Dreamer
  40. The Rise Of Civilization
  41. Free Look Hear
  42. The Damn Damage
  43. Societal Cancer
  44. In The Blood
  45. Hear It Clear
  46. When the Band Begins to Play
  47. Step #1
  48. Out Of Space
  49. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran Coversong)
  50. War On Cancer
  51. Days
  52. Slows
  53. So Complicated
  54. One More Song!
  55. Record Heat
  56. The Lift
  57. Stormy
  58. Cog
  59. Blue Sky Run
  60. Leavin’ Grievin’ Starvin’
  61. Earth Mover
  62. Our Rush Hour
  63. The Market Street Stroll
  64. The Dreamers
  65. Don’t Give Up (The Ship)
  66. I Mean Mean
  67. Secret Of Life
  68. X-ray Vision
  69. Disguised as a Math Quiz
  70. Dreams I’ll Never See (Allman Brothers / Molly Hatchet Cover)
  71. Heads Up!
  72. Honey, Please
  73. Circulation
  74. Get Serious
  75. Black Hole Capture
  76. Counterclockwise Sunrise
  77. Beating Like A Drum
  78. Doctor! Doctor!
  79. Rainy Day Hearsay
  80. Blackhole Soul
  81. 3 Wise Monkeys
  82. Please To Meet You
  83. Citizens’ Coup d’état
  84. Miraculous Us
  85. We Can Do This
  86. Elementary Elements
  87. Saying
  88. Two Parties
  89. I’m Back
  90. Avoid Dying
  91. Suite Sweet Love
  92. Going Nuclear
  93. 1st World World
  94. Planeted
  95. Impart On Christmas Day
  96. Froth
  97. Nature Is Calling
  98. Thinking Of
  99. Never Surrender
  100. Screaming, God!
  101. Better
  102. Opportunity Tune-ity Unity
  103. Procreate
  104. Let ‘er Rip
  105. On The Cusp
  106. The Air In Heaven
  107. Wonderland
  108. Unconditional For All
  109. Enroute
  110. Love Song for the Mayan Mermaid
  111. A Fineline
  112. Knock And Roll
  113. Smooth And Slick
  114. Homo naledi
  115. Karma Comeback
  116. Original Song #4
  117. Thought You Said Train? (Instrumental)
  118. Ole Folklore
  119. Along The Road
  120. Have A Heart
  121. Found Foundation
  122. Buried Treasure
  123. Run Around The Sun (Prelude)
  124. Song Request
  125. Enough Blue
  126. Permit To Carry
  127. Wisdomdom
  128. Believe It Or Not?
  129. Within Reach
  130. Nationalism Fascism Fashion
  131. King Of The Jungle
  132. So Long, Long
  133. 3rd-Eye In Sight
  134. Apeman (Kinks Cover)
  135. 45 RPM
  136. Off Track
  137. Oxygen Carcinogen
  138. Still Waiting
  139. This Is The Nemesis
  140. Let Go!
  141. Rat Race Road Rage
  142. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry Cover)
  143. Farcical Chill
  144. Backseat
  145. Girlfriend
  146. American Woman (Guess Who Cover)
  147. The Sky’s Eyes
  148. Your Best Test
  149. Survival
  150. Run! Get Out Of There
  151. Fiction Friction
  152. That Far?
  153. Scene From A Dream
  154. Once Upon Our Time
  155. Everybody’s Home
  156. Open Wide
  157. Want To Go?
  158. Comman Dear
  159. Amplitude
  160. Guitar Feedback
  161. How Much Does a Hemingway?
  162. … and, the Horse You Road in on
  163. Beautiful Day
  164. Man Vs. Nature (In Overtime)
  165. The Closer To Too Late
  166. What’s Missing?
  167. When Skies Were Blue
  168. Makeshift Wings
  169. Come Out
  170. Indictment
  171. Sun Scren
  172. After All
  173. Unsettled Condtions
  174. What Is Is?
  175. Walla Walla, Washington
  176. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash Cover)
  177. Ingredient
  178. Watch Out!
  179. Sing, Earthling, Sing
  180. Out Of Your System
  181. The People
  182. Old Fiddlers’ Picnic
  183. Percolator Escalator
  184. You’re No Good (Linda Ronstadt Cover)
  185. Down In Front Prelude
  186. Slow Waltz #1
  187. Nimbocumulus
  188. Plague Prescription
  189. A Chance
  190. #PeachLivesMatter
  191. Seen In A Scene
  192. That Thrill To Kill
  193. After Midnight (Eric Clapton / JJ Cale Cover)
  194. Skullduggery
  195. Santa Rosa
  196. Get Your Motor Running
  197. The Human Suit
  198. Save-ty
  199. Down The Rabbit Whole
  200. Fibber
  201. Repetitive Motion Order
  202. Constitution Demolition
  203. Follow The Leader
  204. Humpty Dumpty’s Great Wall
  205. Human Time Capsule
  206. Country Music
  207. Casualty Of Consequence
  208. #MyPresident
  209. Sunset
  210. On Our Axis
  211. Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company Cover)
  212. Maria
  213. Cotton Fields (Creedence Clearwater Revival / Lead Belly Cover)
  214. Ramatic Part 4
  215. Backseat
  216. Rely on the 4th Of July
  217. Radar Love (Golden Earring Cover)
  218. Made In The USA
  219. The Dead (But Not Gone) Song
  220. What Is Ours?
  221. Same Side
  222. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Cover)


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