Feed Your Head

Food For Thought is a collection of songs and poems about traditional health foods, nutrition and diet.

Introduction To Herbs


Hands-on Experience [basics of why you need to “work the garden” vs. taking a vitamin pill, etc.]

I Am What I Eat [how the body uses food to create a human]

Blooming Idiot [beyond the body needing food, the mind and spirit need nutrition, too.]

Are You Really Going to Put That in Your Mouth? [a sampling of “weird foods”]

Come And Get It! [favorite foods]


Basil Carotenoids Carrots Chinese Chestnut Cucumber Dandelions Grapes Mache Methyl Mustard Onions (Garlic Chives Scallions) Parsley Peas Peppers Peppermint Phytochemicals Popcorn Potatoes Raspberries Rosemary Sage Sweetleaf Spinach Thyme Tomatoes Vitamin K Watercress Wheatgrass

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    • Miss Giving
      LYRICS What is the point of our misgiving Lack of forgiving Have you done your time Have I done mine? Miss Giving.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive Chords: Gb Ebm7 Ebm Recording: digital 6-track stereo Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboards From the album Fill-er-up by Daniel Brouse
    • Cross The Line
      LYRICS Know your toe/tow is over the line? … for the final time You’re stepping over the line Onto the side known as “mine” Crossing the line Of black and white Can’t be right Not long From wrong Please don’t try n’ say You thought it gray When the shading ain’t that fine Crossing the […]
    • Be Freed
      Be Freed.mp3 LYRICS Which came first, the chicken or the egg… I beg? Why did the chicken cross the road… Please unload? Can you be freed if never caged Or live a life unengaged? If a tree falls in a vacant forest, does it make a sound… Please resound? Knock, knock! Who’s there… Are you […]
    • Hard Of Hearing?
      LYRICS Are you hard of hearing? I can see where this conversation’s steering Where you’re leading My ears are bleeding! Up to my ears in __it! “It doesn’t really matter” Couldn’t get much sadder Maybe we could listen To the position Of reason…. ’tis the season To S.O.S.? Confess Save our souls Before your next […]
    • Bangkok Time
      LYRICS Rock the clock like Bangkok (+12 hours) Ya ought ‘a Jakarta (+12) Come on, Boy, like Hanoi (+12) You know you can even go to Tokyo? (+14) Living in a time zone Where I’m prone To run fast Living in a time zone Where mind’s blown Free at last Want to start slow? Try […]
    • Setting The Sights
      LYRICS Setting the sights to where we are Because where we are… … isn’t that far The closest star — The sun? Done. Setting the sights to where we are Look! You’re really not far From being the star Guess gravity gave the sway ’cause look! We’re on our way Suppose we’ve already been Travelin’ […]
    • Building A Bridge
      LYRICS Building a bridge Using a rocket ship Going to make heaven A real short trip Countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Begin Don’t burn it, baby Save the chance of “maybe” Nope Don’t give up the hope To enhance [Interlude: build a musical bridge here] Building a bridge Over […]
    • To Know
      LYRICS For now there’s comfort “to know” No stopping “to know” For now, it’s come to me We’re free To know “to know” Can you turn up the volume… Some? Let the riff run Free to know Free to see Free to know Up to me To see “To know” To be To Know Prelude […]
    • Into the Light of the Night
      LYRICS The result of self-defeating Is a mental beating So why not give yourself a lift With a soulful soul full of rift/riff What do you say… We let the music play? Soulful soul full of riff/rift Giving the gift Of a fresh lick The gift of music Victim of mental beating Don’t let it […]
    • Lip-sink
      Hyper-terrestrial presents “Lip-sink” A sonic experiment transcending space and time. Instrumental music: Korg PS60 Keyboard, Yamaha PSR-740 Keyboard, MiniNova Synthesizer, MicroKorg, Casio WK3500, Korg N364, Guitars, Drums Augmented Reality Prelude.mp3 BbM7aug EbM7 Eb7 Augmented Reality Part 1.mp3 104BPM / Epic Ballad Augmented Reality Part 2.mp3 C Beyond B-ing Flat.mp3 Bb9 C Bb C7 Into the […]