The working name for the new project is Charge It! There are a few reasons why this body of work has taken on that name.

Most of the songs took on a new age social commentary based on old age prophecy. When most people think of prophecy, they think of The Book Of Revelations. But, there is a book that is much older, The Book Of Daniel. The Book Of Daniel can be a frightening read. Even more frightening, is that it’s quite possible Daniel’s revelations are coming true in our day and age.

Chapter 12 (the official last chapter) is entitled “The End Of Times.” We started putting a website together that looks at Daniel’s End Of Times and what is going on today —

Much of the project is based on The Book Of Daniel and our new Chapter 13.

About Human’s Self-annihilation
Zombies Part I
Zombies Part II
Can’t We Quit?
What Can I Do?

It seemed only fitting that our response to the dead rising up and zombies at the end of times should be — Charge It!

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