This Tape Will Self-destruct

This place
Is somewhere in space
In this place
Somewhere in space
There is a race —
The race disgrace

A creature
With the feature
Of destruction
Abnormal function
To say the least
The horrible…
Horrible beast

Count down
To the time of 669
At any rate 668
Oh, heaven 667
In betwixt

669, 668, 667, 666

Makes me develop
A 666
The beast does romp
Stomp, stomp, stomp

This is the place
Somewhere in space
We’re the race
In disgrace
We solute
To pollute
Edan’s fruit
This tape will self-destruct
This ape will self-destruct
What the *&$#?

There use to be this TV show called Mission Impossible. The premise of the show was that secret agents would undertake missions that were impossible. The agents would get there instructions on a tape. At the end of the tape, a voice would say something like, “This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.”

The idea seemed to fit in with the concept of this project. In this metaphor the Earth is like the tape message saying, “Humans, can you stop humankind from destroying the planet?” Then, the Earth says, “The planet will self-destruct in five seconds.” I thought the countdown to 666 was amusing.

This work-in-progress demo mp3 is probably my least favorite of the new recordings, but it will get posted nevertheless. The genre is more “space” then the other demos, so maybe it should just be part of a different collection. Since you never know how an extemporaneous song will grow on you over time, I’ll leave it be for now. Maybe a tribal drumming multi-track would be a good addition. What do you think?

This Tape Will Self-destruct (MP3)

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