Young Love

Putting on a Banana Suit to Fight Cancer

Putting on a Banana Suit to Fight Cancer

Young Love
Loves to learn
Loves to love

We’re strapping on banana suits
To bring a smile
Making people happy
We’re putting on…
Putting on banana suits
Gonna better this world…
Gonna better this world
Before we get too old

Fundraising To Fight Cancer

Diverting another crisis
That’s been left to us
(Our inheritance)
Lemonade for cancer aid
A Relay For Life
Don’t delay: HELP END STRIFE!

“People are dying”
Children are crying
“Have a great day”
What do you say?

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This song was written and recorded in West Chester, Pennsylvania on April 21, 2012. It was inspired by a group of girls fundraising for the American Cancer Society. The true love expressed by youth gives hope. While I was working on the music and lyrics, I sat on a bench next to the youth. The above lyrics that are in quotes were taken from their conversations; however, I was still at a loss for a title. Then, I heard a voice say, “young love”.

Capo 4
D / G / A
Am less B string / D

by Daniel Brouse

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