Cascades (The Fall of the Waterfall)

Songwriting In The Cascades, BIacksburg, Virginia

Songwriting In The Cascades, BIacksburg, Virginia

The quite chill of an autumn morning
The lichen might consider quite trite
But, the human glare finds it worthwhile to stare
As the fluid cascades amongst the solid
The sunlight cascades over the mountain top
Spilling colors of every hue

Any man must stop to ponder what it is we did
Every man must stop to wonder the wonder if we stop
Look what progress did to the fish
Look what our standard of living has lost
Look what it is we do
Maybe we should be careful for what we wish
Open our eyes. Open our ears. Heed the warning…
Before the waterfalls fall

Am (slide down an octave while strumming)
Am / C

Written on October 20, 2012 at the Cascades and Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. Motivated by The Human Induced Climate Change Experiment.

From the album Have Camera. Will Travel
by Daniel Brouse

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