Perhaps you just awoke in the eye of a Frankenstein storm
Perhaps you did not hear, heed nor take warn
Perhaps you think it’s safe for you to go
Though the vantage is danger, fear NOT clear
But, maybe you think so?

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Frankenstorm 2012

Frankenstorm 2012

Capo 2
E / Dm less F# / E A less C# / E
E / G / Dm less F# / E
E / Dm less F# / G / E

Written and recorded on October 26, 2012 in West Chester, Pennsylvania while under the threat of Hurricane Sandy colliding with a winter storm coming from the Midwest. Do you think humans will wake-up in the eye-of-a-storm a realize what human induced climate change is addomg to the chaos of weather systems?

Daniel — Guitar, Vocals

From the album Have Camera. Will Travel
by Daniel Brouse

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