Killing Me With Insanity

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Intro: Just because you’re ignorant
Or, have a fear
There is no need to bear it hear (here)

If you are ignorant
Or, having a phobia
Then, I am telling ya
Get a grip
Don’t talk
Don’t spout
’cause you’re killing me
You are kkkkkkkkilling me

If you want to talk gun control
Then call me some kind of troll
You’re killing me

Educate yourself
And, not only will you gain self-wealth
But, you’ll bear fruit for society
(helping with the insanity)

If we all were to act responsibly, respectfully, prospectively
We could see what could be
We could live in peace and harmony
But, when you get fear… phobia
Or, going to get ignorant and scared of the unknown
Well, you’re better off being alone
’till you can educate
Ya, from the apple of knowledge you ate
And, then we can talk reasonably… rationally
Instead of killing me

Look who is sounding militant
The one that wants to melt down all the guns
’cause it will take an army
To take your guns away
Do you think it will be any safer that day?

When ya talk that talk
Like you don’t know
’cause you don’t know
With a knee-jerk reaction
With less of a knee and more of a jerk

Chords — F# D#

Written and recorded on December 14, 2012 in Chester County, PA. It was inspired by all those people that are ignorant or afraid of guns… talking about gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards

From The Beatless Sense Mongers album An I for I, a Brain for a Brain
By Daniel Brouse

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