May the Music Take You Higher

If you are down from all these attacks on humanity
Please consider… it might just be our tax for insanity

May the music take us higher
Elevate all we vibrate

If we create
This society
I guess that’s what we do
Then it’s our responsibility to see it through
We create these monsters
Then when it comes time
We distance ourselves further
Farther, further, father

May the music take us higher
And, elevate all we vibrate

May the music
And, all that we do
Take us higher

Chords — Dm F Dm D

Written and recorded on December 15, 2012 in Chester County, PA. It was inspired by the events surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards

From The Beatless Sense Mongers album: An I for I, a Brain for a Brain
By Daniel Brouse

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Save our freedom! Don’t be dumb!

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