I’d Love to Change The World

I’d Love to Change The World .mp3

Originally made famous by Ten Year After
Written by Alvin Lee


Em/ //             G/ //
      Everywhere is     freaks and hairies
Am/ //                 C/ // 
      dykes and fairies     tell me where is sanity?

Em/ //            G/ //
      Tax the rich     feed the poor
Am/ //                   C/ //          
      til there aren't no     rich no more.

I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do.
So I leave it up to you.

Em/ //          G/ //
      Population     keeps on breedin
Am/ //              C/ //         
      nation bleedin     still no feedin - don't count on me.

Em/ //             G/ //
      Life is funny     skies are sunny
Am/ //               C/ //               
      bees make honey     who needs money? - no more for me.

Interlude (acoustic: play verse chords electric: Alvin Lee solo)

Em             G
More pollution, there's no solution,
Am          C
institution, electricution,
Em              G
spread the word, rich and poor,
Am       C
helpin us to stop the war.

I’d Love to Change the World Music Video.mp4

I’d Love To Change The World Soundtrack.mp3

I’d Love To Change The World (Alt. Version)

Recording: digital 1-track stereo / recorded live
One Man Band: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers (microKorg, Korg N364, Yamaha PSR-740, Casio WK-3500, miniNova, Boss Loop Station, Boss BR-600, DigiTech RP3)

Alternative Version
I’d Love to Change the World.mp3

I’d Love to Change the World II.mp3

Recorded in Chester County, Pennsylvania as a digital, 5-track stereo, coversong. This version was inspired by the 15 strong guitar army of the Downingtown Acoustic Meetup.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar

From Sir Vent’s album Ventilation
By Daniel Brouse

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