Chance Last Dance

Chance Last Dance Part 2.mp3

Last chance

If you knew this was your last chance
Would you take the opportunity to dance?
If you knew this was the last dance
Would you take the opportunity
Would you take the chance?

Let’s not let the opportunity lapse
Let’s not let all our future drain into the past
Let’s take the opportunity to dance


Dance yourself right out of those pants
Forget about the politicians and their rants
Forget about all that silly nonsense
Come on and dance

What if you knew this was your last chance
Last chance
Last dance
Last call
For ya’ll to dance?

Chords — E Em7(11) Bm E D6

A 1-track stereo recording made in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Daniel — Vocals, Korg, Yamaha and Casio Keyboards (all instruments played simultaneously in an extemporaneous fashion.)

From the Techno Bad Bones and The…. album of music Spastical!
By Daniel Brouse

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