Oncoming Traffic

Oncoming Traffic.mp3

If your ball should roll out onto the road
Before you run out, watch for the oncoming load

When you run out into traffic
It could end up tragic
Not the story you want told
“Tragic.. died before he was old.”

Wonder who built the roads anyway?
Now they just seem in the way
Of our progress in being a civilized civilization
On that superhighway of life
A bug’s life is strife
Being shattered on the windshield
’cause that oncoming load would not yield

My life became a mess
My innards on the interstate

Stop. Look. And, listen.

Before you run out on the road, look out for that oncoming load

Oh, %^&*!
Here comes a truck
Do you know if I can duck?

With a giant leap of faith we can overcome that oncoming freight

Chords — B variations (guitar tuned to B)

An extemporaneous 1-track stereo recording made in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Daniel — Vocals, Electric Slide Guitar, Korg, Yamaha and Casio Keyboards (all instruments played simultaneously.)

From the Industrial Noize Pollution HEAVY On Music Experimental album of music The Weight Is Over
By Daniel Brouse

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