Inflight Insight

Despite what you might have thought was insight
The consensus — might doesn’t make right
Try as you may… try as you might
In the end, it’s you that you slight

In everything that you do
Try to pull through
’till the skies are blue
You can always depend on me to pull through
… can I depend on you?

In spite of the nose on your face
The mucus — blight clogging your sight
Cut it off so you can deface
Come on… don’t try to swallow more than you can bite


So, you cut of your nose to spite your face
Why not cut off your ear… ya know… Van Gogh?
So, you put off your mate to curse your fate
Crawl into the light out of your dark space


Inflight Insight.mp3

Chords — Capo 2
Am E
Am G

Made in the USA (West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.)

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the Sir Vent album Now That Is Hot
By Daniel Brouse

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