Like Father, Like Son

Songwriting at the Liberty Bell, Philly, PA

Songwriting at the Liberty Bell, Philly, PA

Like Father Like Son.mp4

Like Father Like Son – Live In Penn’s Woods.mp3

How to Play Guitar to the Song Like Father Like Son.mp4

All the days under the sun
Like father, like son
All the ways our mission won
Like father, like son

A chip off the ‘ole block
Contribution to the genetic clock
A chip off the ‘ole block
Reign’s end drawing near… tick-tock


Standing up for freedom
Bringing sum enlightenment to some
Fighting for the good fight
Giving proof through the night
Are you aware? Our flag’s still there


Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
Little Boy Blue and the Man In The Moon
Boy to man then to dust too soon
When you coming home Dad (Son)? “I don’t know when…
You know we’ll get together then.”

Like Father, Like Son.mp3

Chords — A slide to 4th fret, slide to 5th fret

Influenced by The Star Spangled Banner and The Cats In The Cradle

Made in the USA (The Liberty Bell, Philadelphia; Blue Bell and Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County; West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.)

Daniel — Guitar, Vocals

From the album Like Son
By Daniel Brouse

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