Rest in peace
Harry Houdini
Let us see
Life’s lease
The world of spirit
All the mortal
Move near it
It is said
We’re closer to the dead

The spirit world is real
Let it be seen
On Halloween

The soul in this sole
Was given birth on Earth

A seance sentence
“Our beloved spirit, we bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with us, spirit, and move among us.”
We believe you will hear it



Chords — Dm Em Am

Some are born on Halloween. Harry Houdini died on Halloween. There are many who believe it is the day of the year that the mortal world is closest to the spiritual world. Every year they hold a seance in an attempt to contact Harry’s spirit.

Summoning spirits: “Our beloved [name of spirit], we bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with us, [name of spirit], and move among us.”

Made in America (West Chester, Chester County, PA, United States of America.)

Daniel — Guitar, Vocals

From the album Globe Probe
By Daniel Brouse

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