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Winter Recording Studio

Winter Recording Studio

The whiteness of the snow, ya know…
Tends to cover the blemish of disaster
Makes one less selfish with the laughter

Are you better off living life
Letting your hourglass sand sieve
Or, giving all you can give

Give of your soul
I want to hear your spirit
Let me hear it
Give of your sole
I want to here your spirit
Come on, here it!

In the sifting sands of man
Doing the best that you can

Forget being a stranger in a distant land
Bring forth your love for all to understand

The cover of the snow, ya know
Let’s the Earth’s spirit grow with glow

Chords — D6 Aadd9 A7 A7lessC#

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Organ

An extemporaneous song with all instruments played simultaneously.

From the album Miss Christmas and part of the on-going Christmas Music Experiment.

By Daniel Brouse

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