Hallowed Halloween

What will you eat
Trick or treat
Do you believe
In All Saints’ Eve

On this hallowed Halloween

What will be the address of your dress
In the here and now… or, somehow…
Alas, to the Feast — “Hallowmas”

On this hallowed Halloween

Attain the beatific vision
Maintain the beautiful solution
Education of the institution
Ultimate direct self communication

On this hallowed Halloween

Hallowed Halloween Music Video.mp4

Hallowed Halloween.mp3

Making the Music Video

Making the Music Video

Chords — Bm B
walkdown B A G F#

Shuffle Boogie / 124 BPM

Written and recorded live in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA. Video features a black cat, skeletons and graveyards. The song was inspired by the religious rituals practiced during this time of year, such as, All Saint’s Day and beatific vision.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards

From the album Eat It!
by Daniel Brouse

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