Harvest Fest

Looks like the rule of the sun is done
After all, it’s turning into fall
There’ll be more darkness than light
Looks like the day is ruled by the night

It won’t be long now ’till the Harvest Fest
On the raised praise may we digest

Dear you hear them warn of a winter storm
Said to feature a severe Nor’easter
I’d hat for us to miss this Christmas
Not to get remiss until Easter
The presence of your presence the present
It’s all that need be sent

Did you hear them warn of a global warn
Growing faster — extreme weather disaster

It won’t be long now. All to the Harvest Festival
On the raised praise. Celestial.

Harvest Fest Music Video.mp4

Harvest Fest.mp3

Chords — Capo 1
C Am
Am Em

Written and recorded live in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA. Features vegetables ready to be harvested including tomatoes, beans and summer squash.  As the seasons change, you have to wonder what will happen to Fall and Winter as the impact of global warming is felt.

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the album Eat It!
by Daniel Brouse

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