Enter Title Here

Enter title here
Enter title hear
Let’s see… what will you call your autobiography
Enter title hear

A window to see clear
… to the soul
Hmm.. though I don’t know if you can see a black hole
At least you’ll know
where your light will go

Enter title here
“My Life Story”
Oh dear!
Worse than gory
Please, not at my age
A blank page

No, quite contrary
The number of pages is scary
Notes filled with notes
Enter Title — “Hear”

Glisten at the thought of “listen”
Transpose the word with the tongue of a sword
Shutting down the shutting
With wit and cunning

Enter Title Here.mp3

Chords — D/Dm Dsus
Bb C D

16 Beat / 110 BPM

Written and recorded live in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards

From the album Eat It!
by Daniel Brouse

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