First Snowfall

As the mercury drops
Expectation tops
Awaiting the first flake
Old man winter awake!

Rousts Jack Frost from slumber
Makes the child in us wonder
Dash for the window
Watch the faces glow

Ho, ho, ho

At the first snowflake
Out with the tongue… intake
Covering the treetops
Hoping it never stops

The roads start to cover
School’s gonna be over
Anticipating what we know
Early dismissal here we go!

Ho, ho, ho

First Snowfall Music Video.mp4

First Snowfall.mp3

First Snowfall Songwriting

First Snowfall Songwriting

Am Esus
Am Esus Em
Em Am

Recorded Thanksgiving Eve 2014

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the album Chill While Possible and Christmas Treasures 2014
by Daniel Brouse

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