Get Our Dance On

I’m not into hate, rape or war
Dunno if I can take any more
Buying into their conspiracy
Fuels the fire of hypocrisy
Let’s get it on
Let’s get along
Get together in song

When you’re speaking your mind
You’re spewing all your hate
Never reap karma from being kind
When you find out it’s too late

Spreading gossip rumors and lies
It should come as no surprise
Gonna end in our own demise
If we don’t try to rise, rise, rise

Get Our Dance On.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: C A / A E G A
Recording: digital 1-track stereo / recorded live

A song about music as the solution.

Get Our Dance On Alternative Version.mp3

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers (microKorg, Korg N364, Yamaha PSR-740, Casio WK-3500, miniNova, Boss Loop Station, Boss BR-600, DigiTech RP3)

From the album Found On Sound
by Daniel Brouse

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