Internal Affair

Due to your deadly glare
Your eye-piercing stare
We’re gonna knock ya right outta there
An internal affair

Question authority? How do you dare
Whoever said justice is blind or fair?

X-ray eyes see through I
The I should not lie
Cross my heart and hope to die
My judgment day in the sky

It’s an internal affair
Up the bum ingrown hair
After what you did to my Ma
There’s need for an enema
An investigation of your digestion
An internal investigation

Internal Affair.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: E G A E / C E
Recording: live

Guitar, Vocals

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in West Chester, PA. Recorded at Marshall Square Park.

The song is about an internal affairs investigation at the West Chester Police Department… after a police officer assaulted a citizen because he “would glare” and “continued to stare through me” (at the corner of Gay and Church Streets.)

From the album Gay Church

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