Why Love Dies

If I could be still
For a moment… I will
I could try
To figure out why

Watch the wold fly by
Until I get my fill
Why do we kill freewill
My, oh, my! Deep breath…. *sigh*

Not too introspective
Try to gain perspective
Sit and wonder why
The love does die


Maybe at last
I could grab a grasp
Go back to moving fast
By-pass the time lapse


Why Love Dies.mp3

Why Love Dies (Guitar Instrumental).mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: A AM7 C A A7
Recording: live

Guitar, Vocals

Written and recorded at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in West Chester, PA.

While writing and recording this song about the squashing of humanity, the killing of freewill and extinction of love, I was threatened and terrorized by the West Chester Police. Ironic?

From the album Gay Church

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