Prince Of Peace

Will this hate ever cease
We’re in need of the Prince Of Peace
A gigantic love release
Lord of lords, come on-board

Imagine those in God’s image
Sucked humanity from country and city
Now, they fear to give birth on Earth

Lord of lords, come on-board
Third planet from the sun
In dismay… they’ve come undone
I pray you understand
Please come and land


No intelligent life around
Since you arose and left the ground
We need Christmas to abound
I beg and plead you come back down

Imagine those of God’s image
Decompose to the “garbage age”
Man’s last Book… the last page… of the World’s Stage

Prince Of Peace.mp3

Style: Christmas Music
Chords: G C / Em Am / Em Am C
Recording: digital 1o-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Whistling

From the album Christmasness
by Daniel Brouse

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