Festive Us

Does anyone know what time Festivus starts?

Come on and get Festivus with us
Come on and get Festivus
With the rest of us (God rest ye merry gentlemen)
A massive Christmas
For the masses
You know
Under the mistletoe
At the corner of Easy Street and Holiday Way
(OK? What do you say)

Krampus put a cramp in your style
Well, stick him in a sack
And whack him with a stick (That’s it. Quick!)
Get your Christmas style on for a while

Forget about the bearded toothless hag
Just stuff Krampus in a bag
Put on your Santa suits
With the big, black, shinny boots

Pop! Up on the rooftop
Down the chimney
Slap your knee
Stomp your foot
Shake off the soot

Festivus Us.mp3

Style: Christmas Music
Chords: E / G A E
Rhythm: 120 BPM
Recording: digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Keyboards and Synthesizers

From the album Christmasness
by Daniel Brouse

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