Rupture Rapture

I’m not ready for your rapture
Are you sure?
I’m sure!
Wanna get me some more future
Noooo… I’m not ready for your rapture
Like a puncture
To my soul
When you try to capture
My rapture
’tis the devil’s goal
You puncture my soul
You rupture my rapture
Puncture my soul
The sole toll
Is the soul

This song is about “radical Christianist terrorists”. Imagine a group of radical Christians taking over the government and trying to bring on the Rapture (aka The Apocalypse) and the Second Coming.

A conspiracy of Evangelical Christians want to facilitate The End Of Times. They want: The Revival of the Roman Empire, The Emergence of the Antichrist, The Covenant with Israel, Three Periods Between the Rapture and the Second Coming, The War with Russia, and The Great Tribulation: Armageddon. They believe they will be “saved” when these events occur.

Style: Progressive Rock
Chords: Em Em7(11) / C D Em
Recording: digital 10-track stereo
Vocals, Electric Slide Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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