Nationalism Fascism Fashion



How can you have any pudding
If you don’t have your proof
Surely, you must be kidding
Or, perhaps a bit aloof
Because the proof is in the pudding
All salute
Don’t refute
A racist needn’t be a fascist
But a fascist is racist
Nationalism isn’t sarcasm
Segregation nation
An ugly situation
Isolationism raping orgasm
All salute
Don’t refute
(Heil! Heil! Heil)
The basis of the racist
to govern as fascists
Draining the swamp of our gene pool
So as them… we’re all the fool
All salute
Don’t refute
(Heil! Heil! Heil)
Off to the races
To be racists
Have a bad day
For sure
For sure

Nationalism Fascism Fashion.mp3


Hitler’s Salute

Inspired by Pink Floyd

Nationalism is the main foundation of fascism.
Do you have to be racist to be a fascist?
A: It is a matter of degree. But, yes. If you believe your country is more important than the rest of the world, you are a racist fascist for nationalism.

Style: Progressive Rock
Chords: Em7(11) Esus4 Dsus4 D6
Rhythm: 100 BPM U.S. Ballad
Recording: digital 12-track stereo
Vocals, Keyboards and Synthesizers

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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