Opportunity Tune-ity Unity

Word War II Poster "Sow The Dead"

Word War II Poster “Sow The Dead”

Welcome to the age of opportunity
Polish and rub till it’s shiny
Smooth “like a well oiled machine”
No couth… just lean and mean
Removed the polish from humanity
Homogenized diversity insanity
The gene pool is going to dry (too dry)
Deaf, dumb and blind we’re all going to die
Our age sage
Mend comprehend
Lend hand
Opportunity tune-ity unity

Opportunity Tune-ity Unity (Music Video).mp4

Opportunity Tune-ity Unity.mp3

Opportunity Tune-ity Unity Instrumental.mp3

A song about the power of music helping to get through dire straights. That is to say, the opportunity for unity through tune-ity.

Style: Neo-progressive Polka
Chords: Em Em7(11) Esus / C Em / Esus+Bb
Rhythm: 122 BPM Polka Pop Rock
Recording: digital 12-track stereo
Vocals, Electric Slide Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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