In A Mind

In A Mind.mp3

In a mind down in the gutter
Pick it up and feel better
Being kind sure does matter
Me as debtee or debtor?
Waiting at the pearly gates
Don’t wanna be a faster regretter
Is my will free or is it fate’s
Name in The book letter-for-letter?

In line on their judgement day
Will I be searching for words to say
Don’t want it all to end that way
Want to go feet first… no debts to pay

On the fence at heaven’s gate
Don’t want to teeter ‘fore St. Peter
Repent offense ‘fore it’s too late
Wanna be in time with the master’s meter
[Sir Vent your servant]

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: riff-efg G A B7 / E G A
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Electric Piano

From the album Exoskeleton
by Daniel Brouse

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