The Air In Heaven

I really don’t know
Why ya wanna go so low
Shouldn’t we give high a try
Take my hand and learn to fly
Air thins into heaven… into the heavens
We’re seeing the show
Your reap, your sow
Whoa… oh, oh, oh
I really don’t know
But what the hey, hey!
Let’s give’r a try
Take my hand we’ll learn to fly
The air thins in heaven
Air is thin in heaven
Air is thin
We’re in heaven
Comin’ home again

The Air In Heaven.mp3

Style: Blues / Folk Rock
Chords: E A E / G A E (with a Bo Diddley flare)

Vocals, Guitar, Organ

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA.

From the album Gay Church

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