Ole Folklore

Ole Folklore.mp3

Are you familiar with ‘ole folklore
About a dragon who thought she could soar
And live forever more
Forever more
See Her fly
Across the sky
Babies cry
Mothers sigh
She takes a dive
Got to strive
To stay alive
And live forever more

Not so cute and cuddly to adore
Breathing fire going into war
Live forever more

Reliving memories from the days before
Wondering if the dragon really did endure
And live forever more

Tales of dragons’ whimsical allure
Eye to the sky and see Her soar
The folklore lives forever more

Style: Folklore Rock
Chords: A A7 / G C A / G A
Recording: live 1-track digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA. Recorded at Marshall Square Park.

From the album Gay Church

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