Fading Vanity

Hey, hey, hey
I don’t know what to say
The heat and humidity
Is drying up humanity
Is frying up our sanity
We’re melting away
Tell me what to do
To help us pull through
From the demise of me and you
We can arise and start anew

Hey, hey, hey
The dawning of a the day
Fading of vanity
Curing of insanity
We’re here to stay

Fading Vanity.mp3

Style: Protest Folk Rock
Chords: Capo 3 G Em / C D / Em C
Recording: live 1-track digital stereo

A song about the record temperatures in April and global warming.

Vocals, Guitar

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA.

From the album Gay Church

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