Disguised as a Math Quiz (aka Political Commentary)

It all adds up
We know what to do
First there’s one
Then there’s two
We can figure
What we need to do
First there’s one
Then there’s you

Agreein’ with Pythagorean
We’ve got to get it right…
Got to get our angle right
Quite right!
May the sum of your square be right there
Time to play a little Pythag tag…
You’re it!
This “to infinity” bit just won’t quit
Pi won’t die…
It just keeps on going and going and going
(and, I thought 33 and a third was absurd — 33.33)

Disguised as a Math Quiz (Political Commentary).mp3

Style: Protest Folk Rock
Recording: live digital 1-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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