Fiction Friction

Cat-Women of the Moon

Cat-Women of the Moon

Back when I was a kid
Everyone did…
… did know it was fiction
When the diction was fiction
Now, staring at the stark face of reality
I see… I see….
The action of fiction friction
On reality
Looks like reality TV to me
Smells like reality TV to me
Tastes like reality TV to me
Wish I hadn’t stepped in it
[Woe… wish I hadn’t stepped in it
I think that this must stink]
Alien space women from Mars
Took over the stars
Including ours
Son, I’m talking our sun!

Fiction Friction.mp3

Inspired by the Trump administration and science-fiction B-movie posters, such as, Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957), Cat-Women of the Moon (1953), Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964), Amazon Women on the Moon (1987), Mars Needs Women (1967), and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968).

Style: Protest Blues Rock
Chords: Open G tuning / open 3rd fret walkdown / 6th fret blues turnaround / 12th fret slide
Recording: digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Slide Guitar

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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