Found Foundation

We’ve found foundation
A movement based on solid rock
Taking stock in a phonic nation
We’ve found “ation”
Motivation. Stimulation. Activation.
Found foundation
Tap your footers
See your saws jig
Blocks of solid rock
We’ve found foundation
The notion of a movement
A motion for a foundation
Gyration. Vibration. Sensation
We’ve found “ation”
Found foudnation
Vocalization. Instrumentation. Realization.
Visualization. Penetration. Actualization.
Salvation. Our soul-ation.

Found Foundation.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: E Esus4 / Am C E / E Am/E / Em CM7
Recording: live digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar

Songs written in the doctors’ waiting rooms — this one was inspired by a “foundation” poster on the wall.
From the album Doctor Please! Doctor, Please!

by Daniel Brouse

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