Citizens’ Coup d’état

The Fall of the Dollar Since Trump Took Office

The Fall of the Dollar Since Trump Took Office

If the cream rises to the top
And the proof is in the pudding
The cream took a drop
The pudding is overflowing
Do you think it’s true
There’s something to do
A long overdue
Citizens’ coup

The hater and the traitor
Has risen to the top
The mental masturbator
Is our top cop
[Chorus: Citizens’ Coup]

If the fox is in the henhouse
The wolf wearing sheep’s clothes
The pig in the Whitehouse
The nation in slop’s throws
[Chorus: Citizens’ Coup]

Citizens coup
Citizen’s you

Citizens’ Coup.mp3

Style: Protest Folk Rock
Chords: C G D / G C D G
Recording: live digital 1-track stereo

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA.

Vocals, Guitar

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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