Picture This

Spend your life hanging on a wall
Wondering if anyone is looking at all
Canvasing the canvas with finesse
A pallet of colors for a dress
Picture this
A perfect world… nothing amiss
Picture this
Spotlight above gives a light kiss

Do you know Rembrandt or Picasso
Have you had a brush with fame
The unique aura that you throw
No two quite the same

Forever in a static state
Never to escape your landscape
All you life you wait and wait
To be auctioned at estate

Picture This.mp3

While waiting in a waiting room, I saw a picture hanging around. She reminded me of a metaphor about wanting to be famous.

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: Am Asus4 / C Em Am / Em Am
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar

From the album Doctor Please! Doctor, Please!
[Songs written in doctors’ waiting rooms]
by Daniel Brouse

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