Different? OK!
Indifferent? No way!
If you don’t care to care
This is going nowhere
The fashion of compassion is no fad
Imagine how you’d feel if you never “had”
Never had… never had had
If yo never had clean water, would it matter?
If you were cold and hungry how indifferent would you be?
If the clothes you chose weren’t a choice
Would you raise your voice
Against indifference
I’ll have one of those
And make a difference
My stance — make a difference
This instance
Any circumstance
Make a difference

Different (Video).mp4


A song inspired by a doctor who was indifferent… the difference between being different and indifferent.

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: Capo 2 E A G E / C A
Recording: live digital 1-track stereo recorded at Everhart Park, West Chester, PA.

Vocals, Guitar

From the album Doctor Please! Doctor, Please!
[Songs written in doctors’ waiting rooms]
by Daniel Brouse

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