There’s turkey in the dining room
There’s presents under the tree
The 3rd day you’ll rise from the tomb
In a resurrection analogy
(resurrection can you see?)
And before too long you’ll remember this song
Alleluia… all… ahhhhh

It’s turnkey… pick your door
Transcending about to begin
Beyond the door… way more (weigh less)
Pass through the door… way more (or heartless?)
And you can’t go wrong singing this song
Alleluia… all… ahhhhh

If there’s a monkey on your back
You’re dancing with Mr. Jones
There’s a source for what you lack
Not involving groans and moans
Helping it a long by remembering this song
Alleluia… all… ahhhhh

Style: Alternative Folk Rock
Chords: C F Am F Am G Am F C Em Am C F Am G7 C
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar

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