You’re getting warm
The situation’s volatile
Lesson to learn
Weather’s getting hostile
Sure is a fine line
To define the shoreline
And, the air we share
Who knows what’s in there?

You’re getting warmer
Didn’t wanna alarm ya
Make the same mistake
Warm until we bake

So think it can smear
A sea change wish
Less plastic then fish

You’re what’s left of fine
Together let’s make time
Aware that we’re both there
To mend the disrepair

Volatile Video.mp4


This song is about the increased volatility in weather causing extreme weather events.

We are not saying that the Earth’s temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect more storms, more droughts, more wildfires, more floods, more fluctuations of all kinds. What we are saying is that weather conditions will become more volatile due to the impact of humans — Brouse & Mukherjee

The song was also inspired by current events including:

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: Capo 2 (F#) A G E / A E A B7
Recording: digital stereoVocals, Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers

From Mother Nature’s Suns’ album The Reaper

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