You Are My Hero

Does the gravity of longevity
Bring the brevity of identity
Into question?
The suggestion of mortality
The reality
When times are ominous
Please remember in all of us
Lives a hero with heartache
Longing for the great escape
In the time that “I am”, I’m
Going to set that hero free
In the time that “I am”, I’m
Bringing out that hero in me
In the time that “I am”, I’m
Creating destiny
You just might find
You can save mankind
Hold the thought in your mind
“Never too late to be kind”

You Are My Hero (Music Video).mp4

You Are My Hero.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: Capo 2 C Dm G / C-c C Em / E C
Recording: original take / live digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar

From the album A Collection Of Notes
by Daniel Brouse

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