What Is Is?

I’m finding the utmost interest
In relativity
Feeling dependence on existence
Trying to make sense
Of perception without senses
Perceive what I believe
Experience presence
Leap from “Ludwig’s Ladder”
Leave logic a tattered
Chaos theory delivery
The irony of destiny
Sixth sense third-eye I see

Spring from the last rung
Among angels in song
Soul music being sung
Time can’t be too long
In the essence of existence
Is the essence of existence
In the absence of existence
Will exist persist?

What Is Is? (Music Video).mp4

What Is-Is? .mp3

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: Em C7 E C7 / E C7 A [C G7 A]
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Wittgenstein’s ladder
A Wittgenstein’s ladder is a simplified explanation of a technical or complex subject that is used as a teaching tool, despite being technically wrong. The term stems from proposition number 6.54 by Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

From the album A Collection Of Notes
by Daniel Brouse

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