Circus Chef

Scary clowns in the kitchen
Cookin’ up rotten stew for you
Evil minds are itchin’
A recipe rash from scratch will do

Waiter there’s a fly in my soup
I could swear I’ve been duped
The fox is in the white henhouse
Arouse! Fire, fire! There is a fire to douse

Scary clowns slicing and dicing
Half-baked vegetable state fruitcake
On the cake they put icing
To hide all the “knews” that is fake

Scary clowns are now serving
A feast to erase the least
Figure they aren’t deserving
Fatten ’em up to feed the beast

(What bout the fire to put out?)

Circus Chef.mp3

Style: Protest Folk Rock
Chords: A E / E A D G
Recording: original take / live digital 1-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE!

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