Quality Time

Did you ever wonder:
How much more is in store?
Wake-up in the morning and walk out the door
How much more is in store?
I suppose I’m
A quantity of quality time

Did you ever wonder:
How much more you’ll endure?
Do you suppose time is measured, too?

With gravity I see we gravitate
From before to too late
As suggestion, a question:
Why would I want to wait?
Take advantage of having weight
Before the liquidation
Before we liquidate
Do you ask the question?

Quality Time Music Video.mp4

Quality Time.mp3

Style: Alternative Folk Rock
Chords: Am (adding one finger at a time Em+4 E4 Am) G D / C D Am / G Am G/C
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar

Written and recorded at the corners of Gay / Church Streets and Market / High Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA.

From the album Gay Church

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