On Our Axis

For those that are left
We wish you the best
As for the rest
Too late for fate

For those that endure
We’ll love you some more
As for the dead
What can be said?

They say the world turns ’round
’bout each and every day
Watching the clock run
Another year around the sun
“Oh, dear! Another year”
Fear the Reaper getting near?

Going faster and faster
Never going to out last her
In The End, her spin will win
So why not join in?
Begin in spinnin’

My dust must spin around
I’m found spinning around

If you can’t beat her, let her eat ya
Joinin’ in spinnin’

On Our Axis.mp3

On Our Axis Instrumental.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive / Folk
Chords: Dm Am7 / E7 Am7 / Dm6 E7 Am7
Recording: digital 10-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

From the album Adhoc
by Daniel Brouse

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