Your Culmination

And, does it make you feel good
When you wake-up in the morning
Does it leave your heart yearning
Of could of what you should?

Suddenly get cold feet
When face-to-face with death
Is your life defeat
Has it depth or breadth?

And, does it make you feel good
Can you get to sleep in the evening
Does it leave your brain burning
Of should of what you could

Shuddering disbelief
Swallowing grief
Once we’re born
Will we ever learn

Your Culmination.mp3

Your Culmination Instrumental.mp3

Style: Alternative Folk Rock
Chords: G / D A C G / C G D / G6 G7 G
Recording: digital 10-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA. It is about a police officer and an owner of a restaurant that are haters.

From the album Gay Church

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