A Cold November Day

Christmas Candle Light

Christmas Candle Light

There’s a way
A cold day
Gets the season
Then, the glow
Sunshine in the window
Participant in the radiant
With warmth, come to know

The leaves left
Leaving in the light
Shadow’s theft
Looming is the night
Lighting candles in a row
Participant in the radiant
With warmth come to know

If time must transpire
Might as well, light a fire
Participants in the radiance
If time must transpire
By the light of the fire
By a candle light’s glow
With warmth come to know

A Cold November Day (Music Video).mp4

A Cold November Day.mp3

Style: Alternative Folk Rock
Chords: Dm G / C E Am / Am C
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

From the 2017 holiday album of music Christmas Creations
by Daniel Brouse

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